GET QUIZZED TRIVIA w/ Stacey 6:30pm

07/12/2016 6:00 pm 14/12/2016 6:00 pm 21/12/2016 6:00 pm 28/12/2016 6:00 pm 04/01/2017 6:00 pm 11/01/2017 6:00 pm 18/01/2017 6:00 pm 25/01/2017 6:00 pm

Registration from 6.30pm
Game Starts 7.00pm
All questions come with a visual and involve everything from pick the song in the video clip, to pick the sound and all the way to spot the difference. Weeknights at the Lennox Hotel has never been so fun, prizes every round and a bunch of fun guaranteed.


24/12/2016 9:30 pm Isaac Frankham has a unique ability to connect with audiences and interact with them as he performs the best of contemporary music.

Strong vocals overlay percussion, bass and triggered drum samples alongside six and twelve string accoustuc and electric guitars. When in any format from duo through to full band, the sound is always much bigger than […]

THE DAN CLARK BAND 8:30PM + Resident DJ Koby Bradley & Crew playing 11:30PM

30/12/2016 8:30 pm The Dan Clark Band at The Lennox Hotel

RAGGA JUMP 8:30PM + Resident DJ Koby Bradley & Crew playing 11:30PM

23/12/2016 8:30 pm Ragga jump is primarily the recording act of singer songwriter/guitarist John Fog.
You may like funky music with a reggae flavour. Well Fog is working back the other way – Reggae music with modern Funk sounds of big Phat Moog riffs weaving with classic one drop drums and Ragga clavinet and reggae basslines. . . Seriously […]


07/01/2016 9:30 pm Late For Woodstock formed in May 1998 in Noosa Qld and soon became one of the coast’s favourite bands playing “the music we grew up with”. Almost 18 years later, the boys are still pulling big crowds and crankin’ out some of the best songs ever written, in true style. So get on the bus, and […]

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The Lennox Hotel is situated in the perfect beach location, where friendly locals and carefree holiday makers mix together enjoying the pubs great atmosphere.

Without a doubt, this is one of the very best beach hotels in Australia; sip an ice-cold beer in the historic main bar or relax on the balconyand soak up the amazing view down 7 Mile Beach.

Whether you want to listen to a live band or enjoy first-class cuisine on the balcony, the Lennox Hotel  has something for everyone.

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