23/05/2015 9:30 pm
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1920958_719291938121515_1970519354_oWhat happens when five diehard musicians meld into one band committed to getting you up off your seat, onto your feet and out on the dance floor? The Wilson Cooper Band that’s what! A box full of sounds shake up your soul with wicked guitars moving in and around your favourite rock covers from the ‘60s to now; throw in some serious drum and bass movement; add a pinch of three part harmony; slide in some organic bits and pieces and you have a recipe for rhythm that makes you hungry for more.

Their combined musical past is rich and real (Mal and the Longboarders, Richard Clapton; Nancy Vandal; The Tenants; Bourkenback Boys and Jabiru to drop a few): Their musical future is a blast into 2013.- Wilson Cooper Band play with a beat that gets you up on your feet and feeling sweet.