25/07/2014 9:30 pm

“TiMBAH invariably win over crowds where ever they go with their lively brand of folk-jazz-rock-blues fusion. In the beginning just two brothers, TiMBAH now moves a variety of audiences from their seats with a strong and talented outfit of five. Lead by the intricate guitar work and age-less voice of Nye Stewart, and backed by the rollicking percussion of brother Abe; TiMBAH’s nucleus inspires all. Rivalling many folk frenzies’ among us, TiMBAH would not be complete without their remaining dedicated ensemble; jamming on anything from fiddle to banjo, harp, clarinet, bass, keyboard, or melodica. Emerging from the low end, steadfast and smooth, comes Nick Warren on the Bass radiating spicy and electrifying grooves. Bursting from the seams the exceptionally talented Nicholas ‘springy’ Springall emits a unique phalanges’ dance on keyboard. While the poignant, yet energetic violin, poking jovially between riffs by Christopher Gillespie enhances every song. TiMBAH are a uniquely gifted and charismatic collective. Bounding between genres with creative poise and diversifying musicianship this band will continue to pave the path to musical greatness!”