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The Downstairs Mix-Up are at the forefront of Australia’s emerging fresh talent. 2009 National Campus Band Competition (NCBC) winnersand Australia’s selected representatives at the first annual International Band Competition to be held at Independence Rock Music Festival in Mumbai, India in 2010. This is a band making a big splash in pools, bathtubs and fish ponds around the world.

An eight piece band bulging with individual brilliance and tangible personality. Expect a modern take on rock, blues, groove and roots moulded into the genre of ‘sophisticated pop’. A plethora of live shows including performances with Pete Murray and Dallas Frasca behind them, an independently released EP and prestige of winning the biggest band competition Australia has to offer ‘DSMU’ are hard at work and pulling some seriously outrageous shapes. Take a chance on a truly Australian, offensively passionate group with fire in the belly and points to prove.

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