Since the independent release of his award winning debut album ‘Cruisin’ in 2010, Shaun has been captivating audiences across the country with his charming style of boogie blues & soul. With a bevy of new material, Kirk’s first full-length album, ‘Thank You for Giving Me the Blues’ sees the twenty-three year old troubadour take a leap in musical maturity.
The album, which offers seven original tracks and three covers, has all the passion and vigour you can ask for in a contemporary blues/soul record. Shaun’s blood, sweat and dedication to his art shines through; from slow and soulful ballads like ‘Find Somebody To Love’ to witty tales of life on the road in ‘Chicken & Corn’; raw, stripped back instrumentals like ‘The Howlin Harp Boogie’; and hard-hitting yet energetic grooves such as ‘The Drug Got a Hold Onto You’. His innovative arrangements of old blues standards by the likes of Willie Dixon and Bo Diddley show his inclination to take the genre to places it hasn’t been. This production delivers not only emotive guitar playing and animated blues harmonica but enough thick drum/percussive grooves to inspire even the most docile listener to boogie. Topped off by a cameo performance with Australian blues legend Lloyd Spiegel and Shaun’s resilient, grinding vocal abilities, this is undoubtedly Kirk’s most accomplished work to date.
Now a seasoned performer, Shaun is taking the ‘one man show’ concept to an exciting contemporary level. Surrounded by a stomp box, tambourine, high hat, cymbal, kick and snare drum, Shaun’s flair for playing six percussive sounds with his feet, whilst delivering quality guitar and blues- harmonica performances, is undeniably impressive!

“The blues is one of those funny things. We all have our ideas about what the blues is but as soon as we think we have a handle on the music, where it’s come from and where it’s going along comes someone like Shaun Kirk who blows away all our preconceptions.”
– Mathew Fredericks (PBS FM, Melbourne)