23/12/2010 9:30 pm

With fire in their bellies, and confetti in their pockets, Rapskallion have swashbuckled their way back from their European escapades, to seduce you this summer with their own brand of wild junkyard waltzes, take me tangos, rambunctious punk rock polkas and old world romance. Dressed in their tattered tails and decrepit hobo finery, the ‘Skallions are back on Australian shores and invite you to their ‘When the Wine Kicks In’ Tour. Think Tom Waits in a torn tutu, singing Edith Piaf songs through a megaphone, backed by the Muppet show band, sailing the high seas on a Spanish galleon.
With a treasure chest full of musical instruments, and a flair for the theatrical, Rapskallion have entertained audiences worldwide, with their unique concoction of vaudevillian cabaret dance tunes.
Laugh, dance, drink, and be merry, ladies and gentlemen … roll up for the show!