Paul Appelkamp

From a hard-rocking kid on electric guitar to a diverse solo artist with three releases under his belt, Paul Appelkamp’s musical journey has been colourful.

He had a travelled upbringing and while living in New Zealand at age 11 curiously dragged a four-decade old guitar out of a dark, dusty cupboard. It became his adapted limb.

While widdling-out complex tunes with spirit, Appelkamp was also listening to Bob Dylan on an old record player from a young age, helping him develop a poet-like songwriting style. But it’s the Adelaide-born lad’s deep search for genuine artistic originality that has always allured people most.

The highly experimental ‘Paul Appelkamp’ EP (2009) was distributed through MGM/Foghorn Media and received airplay on many radio stations, including NOVA (Adelaide), Triple J, ABC Coast FM and ABC Darwin.

Australia-wide publication Pop Republic TV said, “the lyrical and melodic content of the songs [is] just genius… 5/5 stars”. Appelkamp knocked-off forty shows in four months to support the EP’s release. ‘Live and Learn’ (a track from the EP) was shortlisted for Music Oz’s Best Blues and Roots Song of 2009.

In 2010 the explorative Appelkamp used guitar, stomp-box, egg shaker and bamboo flute to contrive the sound of machines taking over the world on his ‘Machines’ single. In the same year he won a national competition to play at Adelaide Fuse Festival.

After three years touring in a trusty old van Appelkamp calls “Gerty”, he moved from Sydney to the peaceful Byron Bay hinterland. He solemnly refined an album’s worth of soul-infused songs there and will record them with a full band for his much-anticipated debut album, due out in early 2012.

Catch Appelkamp live @ The Lennox Hotel on Sunday October 23rd at 4pm.

Visit www.paulappelkamp.com or www.facebook.com/paulappelkamp for more info.