15/05/2011 4:00 pm
“Hmmmmmm….Matty Southon, what can I say? DIRTY! ” – Hat Fitz

“Matt Southon plays the blues the way it is meant to be played, with passion..Matt is the real thing.”

– Geoff Bell-Director of the Australian Blues Music Festival

“The true power of music is when it’s stripped of its commercial ties and cross-marketing and simply becomes a raw cry from the soul….Matt is proof” – Lloyd Spiegel

“Matt Southon conjures up the spirits of the past in his genuine shows, there ain’t too many bluesman around like this anymore….” – Dallas Frasca

“With a guttural, barbed-wire, wail and a guitar style crafted from the dirt and sticky mess of a hundred bar room floors, Hollerin Matty Southon strangles life into the blues – the death-rattle serving as percussion for his raucous take on a music which sometimes needs to be reminded of its true roots – this is that reminder.”

– SAM FELL, Rolling Stone/Rhythms/Inpress/Drum Media/Mess+Noise/Australian Guitar/Tsunami