Josh Lee Hamilton (Seven Mile)

03/12/2017 2:30 pmto5:30 pm
Josh Lee Hamilton is an indie folk/ singer songwriter from the small yet vibrant surf town of Byron Bay, Australia. Josh is currently on the back of touring Australia for his latest EP release  “Find Your Way”, which includes the singles “Soul Breaks”, “Golden” and “No Fun” which have all scored airplay and positive reviews from Triple J radio. Josh’s music has also received accolades from his local music community, where he was just announced “Song Writer Of The Year” at the NCEIA Dolphin Awards, and where he also won the “Best Alternative/Indie Song” with his single “No Fun”.

Josh is known for his smooth and easy listening sound that is also very catchy and captivating. His unique stylistic melodies tell stories of love, struggles, relationships, hope and faith and are often an expression of both his personal life and observations of the world around him. Josh’s songwriting is known to weave a clever lyrical thread and sound that expresses  the big and small, the shallow and deep, head and heart, soul and spirit, you and me.

Music has always been in Josh’s bones, since he was young. Up until now he always kept his “hand in it” (as encourage by his fanatical music loving grandfather) doing what he can alongside other career paths, such as Engineering. However in late 2016, he decided that he wanted  to “have a crack at it” and pour his full heart and energy into what comes to Josh most naturally…. music, song writing and performing.

Even though his energy and time has been some what divided and dispersed up until now, he has still managed to achieve musical career milestones along the way, such as being selected as a feature artist on Triple J Unearthed in 2007, being invited to play at Splendour In The Grass in 2015 and 2017, featuring in a compilation album “Songs For The Sea”, having his song “Mindless Days” synced in a TV series “No Way San Jose”, and releasing his EP, “Lost In Your Time” in 2013.

2017 has been an exciting and rewarding year for Josh so far, with exciting journey to unfold for Josh Lee Hamilton in 2018 as his sound and songwriting evolve and mature in this new season of pursuing music with all his heart. So be sure make yourself familiar with Josh Lee Hamilton and follow him along the way. Check out his latest EP release “Find Your Way” ans discover for yourselves Josh’s unique sound .joshlee