Brian Watt Band

23/08/2019 10:00 pm


“We grew up in an era of tape recorders, vinyl LPs and teenage pop culture TV shows. Each one of us had to work out lyrics and chords without the help of dodgy TAB sites. We heard new music at our friend’s house, or on Countdown and by buying the albums and listening to them over and over again until we knew each track inside and out. We learnt about playing through endless hours of practice and trial and error. We had less distractions – iPads, smart phones and social media weren’t invented,” Brian Watt.

Band Members

BRIAN WAPPETT (AKA BRIAN WATT) – Guitar and Vocals. The band originally grew out of Brian’s successful solo act. He has toured nationally and internationally for over three decades solo and in bands such as Megatoons, Snapshot, Soultown and Poco Loco gaining a reputation as a vocal powerhouse who knows how to choose the right song for the right time. There’s plenty of variety in his massive repertoire of British Invasion tracks, Greatest Hits, quirky Pop songs and “one hit wonders”.
GEOFF HINCHCLIFFE – Guitar and Vocals. Geoff honed his skills over a long career that included a ten year residency at the famous “Observer Hotel” at The Rocks in Sydney as well as in the enormously successful 80’s act, “So”. After developing a strong following in Sydney they toured Europe as well as supporting international acts like Roxette. Geoff’s vocals are sweet, melodic and soulful. Whether singing lead or harmonies, his ability to blend with Brian is outstanding.
NEIL McCANN – Drums and Vocals. It s said a band can only be as good as it’s drummer and Neil is the driving pulse of the band. He’s the groove, the swing or the straight ahead rock beat that gets your toes tapping, your feet twitching and thumps you in the chest. Neil also performs locally as a singer guitarist and his high and strong harmonies have become a signature of the band. Neil also has national and international touring credits in styles that range from Reggae and Soul through to Country and Bluegrass. A true all rounder.
MICHAEL O’GRADY – Bass and Vocals. Michael is yet another member of the band who has fronted his own bands and performed solo around the world. Best known as being the bass player with Aussie pub favourites Matt Finish Michael has a strong style that keeps the groove pumping and the bass end thumping. He is the low voice in the four part harmonies and takes lead for a couple of songs as well.