16/04/2011 9:30 pm

Bang Bang Boss Kelly formed early 2010. Over the next three months the band developed a following and support from the public, the industry, street press and radio. The band have received support from Radio TripleZed, being on the Top 20 since their self titled album launch at the Old Museum in August. BBBK have now played all of Brisbane’s established music Venues, (Including The Powerhouse, The Zoo, Rics Bar, Troubadour, X&Y bar and more) The band won Best Overall Performance and Best Cinematography in the MVMU Video Awards 2010 for their clip “Lone Rider” Bang Bang Boss Kelly have recently recorded the new single from their upcoming full length album, which will be released mid 2011. The band will spend a few months on the road, visiting southern capitals and regional areas.

TRIPLEZED ZEDBLOG- Something like a speeding stagecoach, these local lads play country rock with banjo and a whole lot of verve. They claim to be influenced by The Boss and if you listen you can definitely hear that too. Actually, for a country band there is a degree of interesting production wizardry which really adds something, rather than hiding the raw quality of the music. Their rough-throated singing will fool you into thinking they’re pining for the old west, but if you listen closely the lyrics are all about the equally rough and ready life lived in Brisbane, giving Bang Bang Boss Kelly a personal if paradoxical immediacy. A strong debut.