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START: Monday, August 15th 7:00pm register, 7.30pm play.


  • Every Monday night the “Table Tennis Tournament” will be held.
  • All patrons are encouraged to play FREE of charge if they are current members of the hotel.
  • The cut off for registration is strictly 7.00pm
  • At 7.30pm a draw will be displayed, this draw outlines who plays who
  • If there is 20 or under players registered then we will play best of 3, First to 11 (Following the “Lennox Hotel Table Tennis rules”)
  • If there is over 20 players then we play a best of 1, first to 11.
  • After everyone has played their first game (Round 1), They will be broken into a winners and Losers pool. From here we commence a “knockout”
  • If you are to lose after you have been broken into the “knockout” rounds, your competition journey end,
  • The loser from the previous game MUST umpire the next game
  • If you are the winner of the “Winners Knockout” then your name will go onto the draw for the $1,000 Grand Final game which commences once 12 names have been entered.
  • You cannot have your name entered more than once. In the scenario that a player has previously won a Monday night tournament then the winner of the “Losers Knockout” will go thru to the final. If both players are already into the draw then we use the “WILDCARD BARREL” to find our competitor
  • The “WILDCARD BARREL” consists of names of the winners from the losers pool.
  • If comes the day for the final and any number of  winners from the 12 rounds can’t attend the event due to other commitments, then however many names needed will come from the “WILDCARD BARREL” to fill the grand final draw.
  • The winners of each week will receive a case of Coopers Pale Ale and have their name placed onto the draw for the $1000 Grand Final.
  • The Grand Final will happen every 12 weeks and will be held on the Sunday after the final round 12 of the Monday competition.
  • Every player will follow the “Lennox Hotel Table Tennis House Rules”
  • Trent Chapman is the “Promoter” and rules can change at his discretion

Click Here for Table Tennis House Rules