The Billy Gudgeon Band

24/05/2019 10:00 pm


The Billy Gudgeon Band hails from the beautiful Lismore region in the heart of the Northern Rivers New South Wales.

Traveling and booking the East Coast of Australia, this urban country rock band is the result of when talent and experience come together to reach a common goal, a goal to deliver a highly energetic and memorable experience for every audience, an experience that will have them carving it up on the dance floor to some of their favourite country songs from artists such as, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Zac Brown Band just to name a few, and talking about the performance for months after begging for the bands return.

The Superlove

31/05/2019 10:00 pm


With organic roots grown from the Byron region Jarrah, James and Olly have been grooving for years. Now with the addition of the super-sparkly, gilteratti songstress Dani they formed THE SUPERLOVE.

Dani Teveluwe lead vocals / keys.

James Moloney lead guitar / vocals / drums.

Jarrah Griffith bass / vocals

Olly Pescia drums / keys.

An eclectic fushion of funk, pop, hip-hop and rock. Jammin' contemporary beats, funky originals and feel-good tunes, you're bound to have a killer night with this energetic crew!

Flyin Blind

07/06/2019 10:00 pm

FB-Lennox Fundraiser

Northern Rivers Band "Flyin’ Blind" is the ideal entertainment experience with a rocking and grooving repertoire of Classic Rock, Pop and Funk covers.  

This dynamic and versatile party band is the complete package with powerful female vocalist Trish Wilson, Neil Jeffs on lead guitar, Johnny Shaw on drums and Al Eggins on bass and vocals completing the rhythm section.

Flyin’ Blind’s song list has an excellent mix of Classic and modern tunes from the Rock, Pop, Blues,and Funk genres. There’s something for everyone and they will get you singing, moving and grooving to the songs of Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Black Keys and Aussie tunes from Powderfinger, Richard Clapton, INXS, Divinyls etc.

Check us out on Youtube https://youtu.be/0_ZT5ATIl9c

Ragga Jump

14/06/2019 10:00 pm



Ragga jump is primarily the recording act of singer songwriter/guitarist John Fog.

You may like funky music with a reggae flavour. Well Fog is working back the other way - Reggae music with modern Funk sounds of big Phat Moog riffs weaving with classic one drop drums and Ragga clavinet and reggae basslines. . . Seriously cool stuff !

Ragga Jump also play live around the Byron Bay area in Australia. Depending on the venue you may hear all their originals or you may get a mix of popular Reggae/Afro/Latin Covers and Ragga Versions of classic rock.

Follow the Fox

21/06/2019 10:00 pm


Hailing from the Beautiful Gold Coast are 4 talented, fun loving musicians who have formed this high energy, interactive, professional Cover band that are sure to make you want to mov and to groove!

The Dirty Channel

28/06/2019 10:00 pm

Members: Guitars & Vocals: Adam Brown Bass:Luke (Fergo) Ferguson & Vocals Dave Tweedie Drums: Jacob Mann Brendon Leesthe dirty channel

Marshall O'Kell

23/08/2019 10:00 pm

with leesa

Now in his 30’s and with up to 200 live gigs a year as part of his repertoire, Marshall has developed into an Aussie rocking bluesman like no other. His ever expanding list of musical accolades includes awards for the 2012 ‘Best Blues & Roots Artist’ at the Oz Music Awards. He has also been a winner of the of ‘Album of the Year’, ‘Song of the Year’, ‘Best Male Vocal’, ‘Best Protest’ and ‘Best Blues & Roots Artist’ at the NCEIA Dolphin Awards.

Having worked his way through no less than five tour vans, an unwavering dedication to the stage and what can only be described as some time ‘off the rails’, Marshall boasts a live crowd-following that puts most working musicians to shame. He has played alongside the likes of John Butler, Ben Harper, Wolfmother, Buddy Guy, The Cat Empire, Jeff Lang, Gomez and Xavier Rudd.

Annual trips to the snow have seen him playing gigs up to seven nights a week for more than three months on end. His period of grieving in the years following ‘Birdy’ stripped him back to basics and injected a hefty dose of reality to his song-writing and musical heart and soul.

Arriving in 2015, his development as a musician is starkly evident in his fourth, yet to be titled album.

With years of playing now under his belt, Marshall has made a notable return to the music of his youth, combining his love for legendary Soul and Blues singers like Little Feat, The Allman Brothers, Hat Fitz, Mavis Staples and Muddy Waters, with his undisguisable Hendrix, 70’s Woodstock sound.

The result is a deep, raw, honest, dirty blues sound that grabs you by the throat and then sooths you with a sweet honey tasting musical medicine. There are pure guts, sweat and emotion in his latest material that leave you exhausted and elated in their wake.

For those loyal followers that have watched him play over the years, the new album heralds a more honest interpretation of who this man is on the stage. His guttural energy needed capturing and canning in record form and his latest album has done that and more besides.

As with his previous recordings, Marshall enlisted the help of fellow musicians and friends ‘The Hussy Hicks’ Leesa Gentz and Julz Parker, as well as band members Nicolas Lemits, Ben Cox and Tracy Stephens in the making of the new album. He describes his time in the studio with his company as a period of “Great, soulful, natural expression with no protection and a great team to throw ideas around.” Some of the material has been ten years in the making, with additional song-writing input from his university friend and creative writing influence Matty Cummins. There’s a distinct evolution in his writing style and the obvious passion for his life, loves and ongoing social commentary is there for all to hear.

Be warned. Marshall has emerged with a new level of addictive, heart and mind altering musical energy. This guy doesn’t just make music. He’s a roaring powerhouse of a man, and this album will get under your skin, into your blood and course through you like a visceral super-high of the likes you won’t come down from easily.