19/09/2014 9:00 pm

10689607_759015600826545_2132668354324308694_nEmerging from Byron Bay's bustling music scene, Parkside Orchestra are bringing their own flavour of sounds to the table. Drawing their inspirations from many different genres, the trio are creating music that grooves and rocks in it's own unique way.

Clark Black Duo

20/09/2014 9:30 pm

Formed in 2011 the "Clark Black duo" popularity has led to regular gigs all over our region. With the talented Dan Clark strumming away on his acoustic guitar and belting out the lead vocals & Stu Black on electric guitar, backing vocals & foot percussion.

The lads can do chilled out relaxed dinner sets to get up and stomp your feet dance sets. The boys have many years of playing experience between them and are very much at home on the stage.

Their set is made up of mainstream tunes from Sam Sparrow, Foo Fighters, MGMT, the Black Keys, Calvin Harris plus many many more.

Luke Yeaman

21/09/2014 6:00 pm

Local Byron Bay producer, folk musician, singer and song-writer, Luke Yeaman, will play at the pub this Sunday afternoon. His music is anchored in a commitment to a lyrical message, decorated with melodic meanderings and then tied together with the use of modern recording techniques.

Live, 'The Bridges of Branches' are an evolving ensemble and extension of the music. The band compliment the acoustic guitar riffs with flute melodies, vocal harmonies, percussion, keyboards and samples.

'Magic Bird Productions' was created to provide an avenue for the film composition, scoring and production. Luke recently received a Solver Lei award for the score he composed for the short film 'Blood Hollow'.

Claire Anne Taylor

26/09/2014 9:30 pm

10003892_724040677662356_39691232028698138_nHailing from the Tarkine rainforest in Tasmania, Claire’s music is reflective of her wild, elemental upbringing, with songs that stir the deepest of emotions and a gut-wrenching voice that is not separate from nature, but of it; like a hurricane, like a wildfire, like a tsunami.Her voice has been likened to Janis Joplin at its most formidable and Jeff Buckley at its most tender.Drawing upon the lyrical influences of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and Patti Smith, Claire creates visually rich music with imagery that explores the universal themes of existentialism, love and nature.After winning the Bluesfest busking competition in 2013, Claire has been busy generating a soundscape capable of doing justice to her vision of a global anthropology through music, stripping things back to the most intimate medieval folk. Claire’s music is pre-renaissance in a cultural sense, lending itself to a time when stories and folklore were communicated most effectively through song and ritual. The question in that age would have been whether she would have been viewed as a prophet or a heretic. In the present tense, the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes.Now, having garnered the support of a powerful and proficient band behind her, she continues to demonstrate why her silencing stage presence has been described as “enough to make your nipples stand on end.” If you want to be taken on a colossal journey of honesty, raw emotion and nipple erections then do yourself a favour and experience the magic that is Claire Anne Taylor.




27/09/2014 9:30 pm

What happens when five diehard musicians meld into one band committed to getting you up off your seat, onto your feet and out on the dance floor? The Wilson Cooper Band that’s what! A box full of sounds shake up your soul with wicked guitars moving in and around your favourite rock covers from the ‘60s to now; throw in some serious drum and bass movement; add a pinch of three part harmony; slide in some organic bits and pieces and you have a recipe for rhythm that makes you hungry for more.

Their combined musical past is rich and real (Mal and the Longboarders, Richard Clapton; Nancy Vandal; The Tenants; Bourkenback Boys and Jabiru to drop a few): Their musical future is a blast into 2013.- Wilson Cooper Band  play with a beat that gets you up on your feet and feeling sweet.