28/02/2015 9:30 pm

Mescalito Blues @ The Lennox HotelMescalito Blues combines the gritty vocals, swampy blues guitar, rhythmic stomp box and hypnotic harmonica to create a sound much bigger than its parts. .... Fast building a reputation for blazing live shows that resonate with audiences from all walks of life, Mescalito Blues are as comfortable playing intimate shows to blues aficionados in Brisbane as a room full of rambunctious backpackers in Byron--their uncanny ability to seduce crowds with their potent blend of dirty blues knows no boundaries. .... Taking an overseas sabbatical in 2007 to play solo through the U.S. for just under a year, Gavin Doniger bounced around famous locales such as Hollywood and Seattle before soaking up the sights and sounds of Nashville for 3 months. The experience left him invigorated and chomping at the bit to unleash some fresh blues goodness back home. ....


01/03/2015 5:00 pm

466881_524975700872561_1165431980_oStephen Lovelight is a prolific songster, having written five albums of psychedelic, melodic rock and taking out Studio 301’s Artist’s Development award for best Sydney songwriter in 2007. He has played in all the usual venues in Melbourne and Sydney as a solo performer and fronting his band Dizzy Limit. Recently he has been getting deep into the sound of the South, plunging the licks and riffs of the blues greats: Robert Johnson, Skip James and all the folky and rock artists they influenced. His approach to finger style and slide blues guitar is a kind of tribute to the gritty and honest origins of all that he loves about popular music.


06/03/2015 9:30 pm


What do we ever really know about our local butcher? Usually not much. They might have a good sense of humour, maybe even throw an extra sausage in the bag every now and then, or they might be the dark myterious type, a bit like our own Dan Clark who works at Lennox Head Butchery.

By night, this quietly spoken butcher turns into a singing, strumming entertainer. And he’s not just another dude who picked up a guitar and learned Stairway to Heaven in his bedroom.

Dan is an amazingly talented, sweet singer, with incredible vocal control and range, who delivers his music with heart and skill.

Dan’s music is probably best descibed as Indie Folk Rock, and he covers songs by the likes of Vance Joy, Daft Punk, Mumford & Sons and the Black Keys, plus older faves like REM.

He grew up and went to school locally after moving from Sydney when he was young. He picked up the guitar when he was in his early teens, but has had guitar and vocal lessons over the years. And it shows.

These days he fronts the Dan Clark Band and the Dan Clark Duo, depending on the venue and type of gig. But ever since he was old enough he has played in bands and done plenty of gigs, (including some biggies like Sunday Safari at the Beach Hotel) and heaps of weddings.

He is in great demand in his local community with gigs lined up at Club Lennox on sunday arvo 29 June and Lennox Hotel with the full band on the night of August 8. Check him out on Facebook—TheDanClarkBandMusic. Written by the LENNOX WAVE.

The Dan Clark Band was founded on 2011. The following band members include,

Dan Clark - Lead Singer

Sam Shine - Lead Guitar

Nick Fitzpatrick - Bass Guitar

Ben Cox - Drummer


07/03/2015 9:30 pm


13/03/2015 9:30 pm

PARKSIDE ORCHESTRA are super excited to be supporting The VANNS on the northern leg of their upcoming National Tour. These legends are hitting the road to promote their upcoming EP 'Scattered by Sundown'.


Brian Watt Band

14/03/2015 9:30 pm

The Brian Watt Band is one of the north coast's most respected covers bands. Excellent vocals, tight harmonies and solid musicianship are the cornerstones of this band. When you mix it with a repertoire packed with a unique selection of classic hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s the result is a night of nostalgic dance hits and a musical journey down short term memory lane! From Golden Earring to Crowded House;Tears For Fears to Cold Chisel; Fleetwood Mac to Powderfinger; Beatles to REM; Paul Kelly to U2; Smashmouth to Motown;one hit wonders; nostalgic rock........and so much more.

Find out about other bands coming to The Lennox Hotel



20/03/2015 9:30 pm

Fat Albert









Driving along in now it's 11th year of heart pumping, foot

stomping, sweat dripping rock'n'roll, the Fat Albert machine is

stronger than ever!

Having done supports, played alongside, and shared the

stage with many local and international acts, such as: Coolio,

Wolfmother, The Beautiful Girls, Amity Affliction, (The Tea

Party's Jeff Martin) Screaming Jets, Choirboys, Radiators, The

Feelers, Gasoline Inc, Marshall and the Fro, Dallas Frasca & Oh

Mercy. Corporate events for the Quicksilver Pro, and were also

invited to play for Joel Parkinson's ASP World Title

Championship after party. Proving along the way, their brand of

in your face ROCK tunes can mix it in all facets of the industry.

This particular outfit is made up of 3 seasoned and well trained

musicians, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in live

entertainment. Mr. Rob Park on drums & percussion, is the

Captain of the ship, with Loki J. Buggy joining him on Bass and

sound in the backline. Matt Buggy up front is the

guitarist/vocalist and also has control of the managerial duties.

Simply put, there are their jobs, and together they're all done

very well!

Come along for the ride! Whether you like to mosh and sweat,

dance and groove, or just sit and watch, the boys have your

musical tastes covered. They live for this game, and are a very

compelling outfit, so do yourself a favour and come check them

out. You will not be disappointed!

Rock On!

Bio Fat Albert