Ragga Jump

14/06/2019 10:00 pm



Ragga jump is primarily the recording act of singer songwriter/guitarist John Fog.
You may like funky music with a reggae flavour. Well Fog is working back the other way – Reggae music with modern Funk sounds of big Phat Moog riffs weaving with classic one drop drums and Ragga clavinet and reggae basslines. . . Seriously cool stuff !

Ragga Jump also play live around the Byron Bay area in Australia. Depending on the venue you may hear all their originals or you may get a mix of popular Reggae/Afro/Latin Covers and Ragga Versions of classic rock.

Mescalito Blues

02/11/2019 9:30 pm

Mescalito Blues 2

Gavin Doniger has been on the east coast music scene since picking up a guitar and hitting the road back in 1998. Since then he has toured continuously throughout Australia, and the world, collecting more foreign stamps in his passport than many bona fide diplomats.

It is Doniger’s love for the open road that inspires his music, and this is especially true for his main project, Mescalito Blues, which consists of Doniger and any number of talented musicians that Doniger discovers in his travels.

Fast building a reputation for blazing live shows that resonate with audiences from all walks of life, Gavin Doniger and his Mescalito Blues are as comfortable playing intimate shows to blues aficionados as they are a room full of rambunctious backpackers–and it is with this uncanny ability to engage and seduce audiences that Doniger and his companions are famous at home, and abroad.

In 2005 Mescalito Blues released its debut album “Dos Cerveza” and backed it up with extensive tours. Doniger also recorded a number of solo tracks during these sessions, but before completing the album injured his hand and decided to release those tracks which had already been recorded onto a now rare EP, “The Beautiful Lady”.

While most musicians take a break after injuring themselves, Doniger chose to draw a line under his current work and got creative–releasing “The Wounded Hand Recordings” in 2006; an extremely raw, swamp-stompin’-blues creation which has become a favourite amongst fans.

Doniger chose to take a sabbatical in early 2007 to play solo through the U.S., where he bounced around famous locales such as Hollywood and Seattle before soaking up the sights and sounds of Nashville for a further three months. The experience left him invigorated and chomping-at-the-bit to unleash some fresh blues back home in Australia. It is with this renewed vigour that Doniger released both a Mescalito (“Album #2″) and solo release (“Waves of Grain”) later that year, and backed this feat up with extensive touring throughout Australia and Europe in 2008/09. These albums and subsequent tours marked a definite change in Doniger’s musical vocabulary: the swamp stompin’ blues was still there–but now it was beautiful.

Finally, in late 2009, Mescalito Blues recorded some of the tracks they had been playing live now for nearly two years. The 6-track LP “Let the Sunshine Grow” subsequently received wide acclaim and encouraging radio play for its title track, and for the track “Love Love”. In mid-2010 Doniger took his Mescalito Blues across the UK, playing at Saltash Summer Music Festival performing with good friend and known luthier Tom Anfield. Other Doniger tour spots included Barbican Plymouth, Half-Moon London and solo shows at The Union in Saltash. More touring followed in New York City, playing at Arelene’s Grocery, followed by a small West Coast tour through Hollywood, San Francisco.

In March 2011 two of Doniger’s tracks, “Talkin’ About” and “Point Taken” were included in the soundtrack for Dean Dingo Morrison’s DVD “A Dingo’s Tale”. Around this time Doniger begun recording new tracks in his Gold Coast studio for both solo and Mescalito releases due later in 2011. Doniger’s 2011 European tour will commence in late July, starting in Paris France and heading into Scandanavia early September.

With the travelling bug firmly planted in his DNA, Gavin Doniger and his Mescalito Blues are permanently on the lookout for potential tours further afield, and are lining up shows in distant lands as we speak.

Wilson Cooper Band

08/12/2018 9:30 pm


What happens when five diehard musicians meld into one band committed to getting you off your seat, onto your feet and out on the dancefloor? The Wilson Cooper Band that’s what!
The Wilson Cooper Band hail from the North Coast of NSW in the hills around Byron between Coopers Creek and Wilsons Creek hence the name. The music is the catalyst that bring this energetic five piece together. Wicked guitars move in and around your favourite rock covers. Throw in some serious drum and bass movement add a pinch of smooth 3 part harmonies, slide in some organic bits and you have a recipe for rhythm that makes you hungry for more. The music displays influences as diverse as Rolling Stones to Black Keys, T-Rex to the Easybeats, Cold Chisel to the Romantics….the band always delivers a high energy, in your face performance that punters love.
During 2015 the band have played many local gigs from the coastal pubs and clubs to the favourite Sunday session gigs in country venues. The band have rejigged their set list over the last few months to deliver 3 sets of all time faves.
Formed in 2013 when the players connected after frontman Gaz Lovell returned from 3 months in Canada – most of the members were part of the first Wilson Cooper Band that played around the far North Coast in the early 1990s. The guys have a rich musical past that include The Tenants, Richard Clapton, Nancy Vandal and Mal and The Longboarders to name a few.