BIRDY and the Random Crew

23/12/2011 9:30 pm

Local legend Birdy returns with his infectious anthems.. Come down and celebrate Anzac Day @ The LENNOX with BIRDY!



16/06/2012 9:30 pm

Three talented musicians all on a separate journey collided in 2010 & formed ClevelandBlues & the Red Eye Junction. Playing his steel body resonator guitar and three string cigar box, Cleveland creates a unique style of dirty rockin anthem blues with the beautifully talented Bam Bam Norden on dums smashing out the backbone to the bands heartbeat, like no man can. With Justine Alfrie on bass adding to the rythm section with his fingers doing the talking, The trio has joined together to develop a fusion of sound that feeds the addiction. Special guest by Dean Martin gives his every last breath for the cause on harp.


29/04/2011 9:30 pm

The Downstairs Mix-Up are at the forefront of Australia’s emerging fresh talent. 2009 National Campus Band Competition (NCBC) winnersand Australia’s selected representatives at the first annual International Band Competition to be held at Independence Rock Music Festival in Mumbai, India in 2010. This is a band making a big splash in pools, bathtubs and fish ponds around the world.

An eight piece band bulging with individual brilliance and tangible personality. Expect a modern take on rock, blues, groove and roots moulded into the genre of ‘sophisticated pop’. A plethora of live shows including performances with Pete Murray and Dallas Frasca behind them, an independently released EP and prestige of winning the biggest band competition Australia has to offer ‘DSMU’ are hard at work and pulling some seriously outrageous shapes. Take a chance on a truly Australian, offensively passionate group with fire in the belly and points to prove.

Mason Rack Band from 8:30pm Guest DJ from 11:30pm

The Mason Rack Band (MRB) has recently been tearing up the international scene and have leaped into the higher performing spectrum of live blues rock. Their success is due to Mason’s huge stage presence and creativity. There is a great drum duel where Mason walks out into the audience playing anything he can find, only to challenge the drummer Joel Purkess (from Canada) to fight back. The show leaves the audience gob smacked and craving more – watch for the drum show involving ALL three in the band; they have never seen anything like it before! Some try to imitate it and that only goes to show the new ground breaking ideas Mason is bringing to the live stage. Now with their funky new bassist Ross Prior the band is truly making their mark.

For more check out: www.masonrack.com


25/07/2014 9:30 pm

“TiMBAH invariably win over crowds where ever they go with their lively brand of folk-jazz-rock-blues fusion. In the beginning just two brothers, TiMBAH now moves a variety of audiences from their seats with a strong and talented outfit of five. Lead by the intricate guitar work and age-less voice of Nye Stewart, and backed by the rollicking percussion of brother Abe; TiMBAH’s nucleus inspires all. Rivalling many folk frenzies’ among us, TiMBAH would not be complete without their remaining dedicated ensemble; jamming on anything from fiddle to banjo, harp, clarinet, bass, keyboard, or melodica. Emerging from the low end, steadfast and smooth, comes Nick Warren on the Bass radiating spicy and electrifying grooves. Bursting from the seams the exceptionally talented Nicholas ‘springy’ Springall emits a unique phalanges’ dance on keyboard. While the poignant, yet energetic violin, poking jovially between riffs by Christopher Gillespie enhances every song. TiMBAH are a uniquely gifted and charismatic collective. Bounding between genres with creative poise and diversifying musicianship this band will continue to pave the path to musical greatness!”


12/11/2011 9:30 pm

Kathryn’s vitality is matched by her voice, spirited and above all, vital – she’s always ecstatic to be on that stage. And despite her clear roots influences, her songs are not the laconic surf-shanties of a female Jack Johnson – think a more modest Lily Allen, if she could play guitar. Her love of Australian artists like Missy Higgins, The Waifs and Powderfinger have helped shape a distinctive voice and songwriting style.

When she supported Musicoz Artist of the Year Dallas Frasca in Queensland recently, Dallas was immediately taken by the raw talent she heard in this 20 year old and promptly booked her for more support slots. Kathryn’s stark acoustic ballads have an intensity and a depth that will be firmly stamped on her self-titled debut EP, due for release early 2011 That’ll be followed by a launch tour along the East coast of NSW and QLD, when the world will learn more about the quiet mystery of Kathryn Hartnett.

“When I first heard Kathryn’s voice I just had to find out who this girl was, this is the raw talent that our music industry is missing.” – DALLAS


16/04/2011 9:30 pm

Bang Bang Boss Kelly formed early 2010. Over the next three months the band developed a following and support from the public, the industry, street press and radio. The band have received support from Radio TripleZed, being on the Top 20 since their self titled album launch at the Old Museum in August. BBBK have now played all of Brisbane’s established music Venues, (Including The Powerhouse, The Zoo, Rics Bar, Troubadour, X&Y bar and more) The band won Best Overall Performance and Best Cinematography in the MVMU Video Awards 2010 for their clip “Lone Rider” Bang Bang Boss Kelly have recently recorded the new single from their upcoming full length album, which will be released mid 2011. The band will spend a few months on the road, visiting southern capitals and regional areas.

TRIPLEZED ZEDBLOG- Something like a speeding stagecoach, these local lads play country rock with banjo and a whole lot of verve. They claim to be influenced by The Boss and if you listen you can definitely hear that too. Actually, for a country band there is a degree of interesting production wizardry which really adds something, rather than hiding the raw quality of the music. Their rough-throated singing will fool you into thinking they’re pining for the old west, but if you listen closely the lyrics are all about the equally rough and ready life lived in Brisbane, giving Bang Bang Boss Kelly a personal if paradoxical immediacy. A strong debut.


17/09/2011 9:30 pm

The Floating Bridges are an exciting, original six piece band raising the bar in the roots music scene with their earth driven sounds. Taking influences from Funk, Rock, Blues, Roots, Reggae, and then adding in latin percussion and dijiridoo, gives this outfit a diversity that grabs the attention of any passer by. With a highly energetic live performance set to get the body movin’and the soul groovin’, these boys are fast becoming known as one of the hottest emerging acts of 2010. A string of recent festival appearances, including Yandina street fair, Valley fiesta 2010, West end festival, and Great Noosa Campout, has seen the band gain an overwhelming number of comitted new fans, and with a spot secured at the Caloundra Music festival, playing right between Jet and Powderfinger, the fanbase is set to keep on growing. Look out for The Floating Bridges, tearing apart a stage near you soon – You won’t be able to stand still.


09/04/2011 9:30 pm

Northern Rivers rockers, The Sun Rose have all ready have a strong following building locally and have even been invited to perform at the Kyuss after party in Brisbane in May.


08/04/2011 9:30 pm

Australian based singer/songwriter and guitarist, Jarrah Thompson seamlessly fuses rock, blues, roots, folk and latin into his own distinctive blend.

It’s not everyday you hear a guitar / flute / didgeridoo battle but for Jarrah Thompson, experimenting with new sounds, is what it’s all about. Likened to artists such as Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin & BB King, it is no wonder Jarrah Thompson has been labeled ‘the next big thing’.

After extensive touring throughout Melbourne, NSW and WA and widespread support from community radio and ABC, Thompson’s music has been turning more than a few heads. In 2008, Jarrah unveiled his explosive nine-piece blues/rock band, earning him a spot at the Point Nepean Music Experience. This awe-inspiring performance, which started with twenty people at his stage, ended with around two thousand punters who had come to hear a flute vs. guitar battle with the intensity and musicality of a Mozart piece! Drawing inspiration from early Santana, Joe Walsh, Jimi Hendrix and Jethro Tull, Thompson’s live performances exude a raw energy reminiscent of the great rock festivals of late 60’s… and the result? The acclaimed debut album, Stargazer, a versatile showcase of well crafted songs from high energy, fuzzed out guitar rock, to finger picking soul with a live orchestra.